1. C1TPT

    Snow!!! :)

    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd post up to see if anyone else has had a snow day!? I went out and measured just under 6 inches! The car is staying at home but i'm going out for a play ;) lol
  2. D

    off to OZ

    im going to australia on the 1st august for 2 weeks whats the chaces of me finding some rear spats and maybe a areo front bumper on my travels?? im going to fly into brisbane and staying in the airlie beach area. any help would be great:wave:
  3. slammedmind

    Tomei ARMS B7652 vs hks GT-RS

    Looking into a turbo upgrade and these are top of the list so far. What are people using and what are your thoughts on the above turbos? The reason for these two is im staying on standard internals for now and the car is a street car. cheers Rob