1. M

    Movement in gearbox?

    I am a noob so probally something really obvious but i can never find what im after with the search button. It only started recently but under harsh acceleration sometimes the whole gear stick moves to the right and stays there and makes it hard to get into 5th when in this position. Randomly it...
  2. N

    battery light stays on

    wel lads im after buyin an s15 but the battery light stays on whilst I drive??? does this mean i need to replace the battery or what?? she was jump started when i got her but she seems to start everytime but the light stays on!
  3. LuPix_S15

    Electrical Problems *GRRR*!!!

    Hey guys, Well sods law just as I sold the S15 to a mate yesterday (which was working fine as I'd been driving her now and then even in the cold weather) it seems he is getting all sorts of electrical issues since last night?! :wack: 1. With the engine turned off completely the Apexi FC hand...
  4. S

    Radiator Cowling

    I broke mine while taking the rad out to replace with an upgraded one and my mechanic says that I should have one on as it helps with the cooling. I never had any problems through the summer with it off and now that its cold the temp stays around the same. Any thoughts? Ta, Keith
  5. E

    High Idle Problem.

    Greetings.. I'm a bit flummoxed at the moment with a 'wee problem' with my idle. Story is as follows: 1. When it starts it goes up to about 2k until warm and then drops to about 800 and idles nicely ... perfect 2. After driving for a bit and then coming to a stop the idle won't go below about...