1. T

    Link ecu on a std. Spec R

    Hi guys i've recently bought a '99 spec R fully original only a pod filter this guy who helps me import the car here claims that if i want to drive it in belgium with our petrol i need to change the ecu from a std. To an aftermarket one that can be mapped can you guys confirm this or is...
  2. S

    WTB: tramsmission / starter bolts, trans cross member bolts and std cold air feed

    i seem to have mislaid the tranmssion bolts i had for my s15 (i am sure they are in a 'safe' place some where !) so does any one have the following for an S15 Spec-R: transmission to block bolts (all of them ! or some of them) starter motor bolts transmission cross member to vehicle bolts...
  3. J

    New Black S15 Owner

    Hi guys, Ive been a member of sxoc for 8 years and still have my s14.a but I went and bought this! I'll have better pictures later on today. Its a Standard Spec S Decat Shotgun Exhaust Body Kit - Rear Dmax type I think. My friend down south has picked this up for me. It has been through...
  4. roachey

    FS: s15 std wheels

    hi there i have an offer of std mint wheels offer for £80 collected only from Arbroath, Scotland. Offering as they are nice and would finish a mint car off or they are to be weighed in for scrap:( all of them are of the same condition.
  5. W

    WTB: standard s15 bonnet

    As above guys just after a std bonnet, stonechips and colour arent an issue!
  6. C

    Tomei stage 1 Ecu, is it safe to run?

    I got my hands one a stage 1(d-1) Tomei Ecu, and was intended to plug and play and see how it goes but after a chat with a few guys, my concern is the ecu will be tuned to different fuel (100 octane fuel in japan) and along with different climate levels it shouldn't be advise to put it in...
  7. S15AK

    WTB: Std set of S15 coilpacks

    Has anyone got a set of std coilpacks I could borrow/buy (if its my coilpacks that are the problem, after I've swapped them over). I'm in the North West if someone has a set local, if not I will pay for postage if anyone will be kind enough to post me a set. :thumbs: Thanks Adam
  8. T

    Boost in an S15...

    Another N00b post from me I'm afriad, can't find what im looking for although it seems quite strait forward. I test drove my first S15 today - Scrummy! It had a B/C as mentioned in the add, but I couldn't see it inside, so assumed not electric and therefore some form of valve. - (The owner...
  9. sparks

    FS: std S15 parts for sale!!!!!!!!!! HID LIGHTS

    coilpack x4=€100 or €30 each rear jdm lightsx2=€80 or €50 each std turbo elbow=€30 std downpipe=€40 ALL PLUS POST+PACKING rear wiper motor=€50 wheel spacers 8mm x2=€20 centre air ventsx3=€30 also have a new hks ssqv complete kit never uesd €180 hid kits for s15 €120 plus...
  10. 4

    Battery light on

    I there guys I picked silv up 2 days ago and on the way back from work the battery light come on. And kept dimming and flickering everything still worked like the wipers etc. Any ideas? Also it used to have a defi fitted and he put the std guage in and it shows -7 all the time it does the swoop...
  11. M

    ANyone need a pair of std front wings?

    Mike (Cefiro-Drifta) on Driftworks has a pair for sale. Thought you might be interested. Cheers :)
  12. C

    WTB: WTD : S15 Varietta

    Hi. Anyone know of one coming up for sale , ideally in red and bog std. Thanks C.
  13. Robbyp

    diff oil

    what oil shoul i put in my std s15 diff
  14. A

    350z 18" track rim for s15?

    Will these fit without rubbing? I see many s14's with the 18" track wheels on (like Nicely's old car) but haven't found any on the s15. As far as I know.. std s15 wheels are 16"x6.5 +45 tyres: 205/55 and the 350 wheels are 18"x8 +30 recommended tyres: 235/40 Anyone got pictures? Thanks