1. S

    Oil changeI

    Did an oil change today. Used 4 litres of nulon 10-40w and when i checked the dipstick, it showed that the oil was pasted H. It wasn't between the lines, it was pasted H! So i tried draining a fair amount of oil out. Check the oil dip stick once again and it didn't even budge. (Yes i wiped the...
  2. Packham

    WTB: Standard 6 Speed Gear Stick

    If anyone has their standard gear stick still, I will buy it off you as my quick shift has snapped and I cant find a 6 speed one anywhere! :annoyed: Thanks
  3. M

    New S15 Spec S Owner Big plans!

    Hey everyone. I just recently got my hands on my "unrealistic" dream car that I have wanted since i was young. The reason it was "unrealistic" is because im in the USA. I have owned many S13s and S14s, most of which i swapped redtops and blacktops into. I also have a thousand WHP evo 8 that...
  4. J

    New S15 Owner

    Hey guys, just bought a blue spec s in Japan this morning. First jump into S Body ownership so gonna be a learning curve. Will hopefully have the car home in 8-10 weeks but will know final details later today/tomorrow. Plans are to stick in a SR20DET, some nice wheels and take it to driftland in...
  5. S15Cro

    Wobbily gear stick, is this normal?

    As the title says, the gear stick in my Spec S S15 feels very loose when in neutral and when in gear it still has alot of play! Iv always noticed it but I have no problem selecting gear so never took notice. Is this common in S15's? Just recently tried fitting a gear stick surround and it...
  6. M

    WTB: gear stick surround and air vents

    as above looking the gear stick surround for a manual s15. last owner threw it out due to 5 speed box and couple of air vents wanted last owner cut them out for gauges :(
  7. S

    Where to get an apexi power intake filter?

    Was told there are quite a few fakes about, where sells genuine ones or am I best to stick to rhdjapan? Also are they all the same size? Thanks in advance!
  8. LeeSpecR

    LeespecR's project perfect.

    Hi all, im pretty new to the forum,names lee :) i was very lucky to buy Darren's s15,in fact was lucky I came on when I did and see it for sale.its pretty perfect as is but I'm hoping to better it. so as the car stands most of you know the car and spec.i can't upload any pictures yet as I'm...
  9. S

    coilover question

    It appears that on the way back from japfest on of my coilovers decided to blow a seal covering the underneith of my car in oil. The original plan was to just stick some new ones on but after a bit of searching it appears i have GP sports G master pros which are £1500 new :wack: so im think it...
  10. Fruitbooter

    Removing gear stick

    Just wanted to check a few things. Ive read Nicelys guide I want to remove the stick to fill the box up with oil so need to make sure all the parts go back together etc...from the photos it looks like theres all sorts of like...
  11. JaseYpk

    Factory skirts - bolt on or stick on?

    Simple question, are the factory side skirts (both parts) bolt on, or annoying stick on? or a combination of both (like the rear spats) Cheers :)
  12. pegliobaglio

    number plate size?

    Hey guys, Really don't know what I can have with regards to plates/font sizes I found somewhere sayin you can have smaller than uk lettering if your import doesn't have a standard mounting position or it can't be fitted in a regular way,is this correct? Owith my new bumper I really wanted a...
  13. J

    WTB: few bits and bobs wanted :)

    hi im after a few bits :) n/s and o/s front wings - any colour but preferbly blue the peice near the gear stick which holds the gaitor. boost solenoid (i have a gizzmo boost controller) think thats it at the moment :cool:
  14. JaseYpk

    Meet: S15 Cruise in August

    Summer Northern meet for S15OC in the UK? Open to anyone who lives up north, or wants to travel! Probably central location to all attendees. (tbc) Stick your names down the bottom if you're interested or have any ideas! Probable date, sometime in august, whenever is voted best. :)
  15. Adam L

    FS: Dildo gear knob

    I've got a dildo shaped gear stick I'm never going to use £40 delivered
  16. JaseYpk

    How To: Overfill The Gearbox

    This is just a basic guide for those who don't know how to do it on how to overfill the gearbox, beyond the filler plug on the box itself. It was new to me so i guess it'l be new to some of the newer owners aswell :) Firstly, jump inside your car and eye up the gear stick: Remove the gear...
  17. T

    FS: Nismo S tunes

    As above, came off my S15 all in working order, no idea on age, working condition is spot on, and externally they look much better than some I have seen forsale in the past. Testing the water on these really, so I'll stick some pictures up at a later date. I'd Like £350 shipped to mainland...
  18. M

    Naked shift stick

    Hi guys, I got my first S15 spec r a month and half ago and it came with a horrible White Trust gear knob. I had to change it as it looked like something off an escort mark 1 and did not cover all the stick to the boot. I've just got a nismo gt500 knob and found out I still got a naked shift...
  19. richy200

    WTB: Anyone breaking a s15?

    anyone breaking an s15? i'm after a few parts. (Only need a gear stick, the spec r one as i think it's different to treh spec s. Also need the gear stick boot and rubbers underneath) thanks
  20. B

    WTB: s15 gear stick gator and plastic

    changing my s15 from auto to manual so need the manual gear stick surround and guator asap thanks in advance:thumbs: