1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: T28 working or blown

    In need of a T28 not bothered whether is fooked or not. Had agreed a price with someone on SXOC and then he sold it to someone else. I have money waiting.
  2. H


    I've recently bought an S15 Spec S, looking to try and purchase a few bits and bobs for it. not new to Datsuns I owned a 14a for around 12 years until it rusted away and was scrapped a month or so ago. so picked up an average condition car which I found advertised on here (and SXOC) with a...
  3. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc weekender invite for s15oc

    Hey guys, thought I'd post this here to see if there was any interest.. Even if you don't fancy going on track this should be a good weekend and an ideal opportunity for you to not only show off your s15's but to have a weekend with likeminded car people :thumbs: sxoc thread...
  4. V

    Hi from Southampton

    Hi all, Had a stage 1a S14 5 years ago and now looking to move from my 350z to a s14a or ideally a S15 as have always loved the shape. Member of SXOC and 350z-uk and hope to get to know some of you on here too. Cheers, Paul
  5. Chriscooke

    Open Event: South West Events (if of any interest sxoc related)

    Hi all, thought I'd post this here so any of you guys in the southwest can piggyback on to the sxoc stuff and have a few meets/events. If you get a few guys together I'd have no issues with you bringing s15oc flags/banners etc, Sorry if this isn't okay admin.. I'm organising a couple meets in...
  6. sibbers

    Hello from Greater Twickenham (Feltham, but shhhh) :)

    Alright chaps, Recent new s15 owner! Just bought one a couple of weeks back from Vinnie on these boards, car needs a bit of love but it stuck a smile on my face the moment I saw it. I used to own a fair few s13s and 14s but never really imagined I'd be able to an s15 which I first fell in love...
  7. S15AK

    SXOC - Setertten Weekender

    SXOC - Snetterton Weekender Anyone else on here going to Snetterton this weekend with the SXOC lot? I'm going and will be on track :)
  8. Parky

    A few pics from an SXOC Photo shoot yesterday

    Went up to cheddar gorge and met a bunch of SXOC guys for a calendar photoshoot, I took these pics, lots more but these were some of the better ones. Mine has the grey Vertex kit and the C-West kitted beast belongs to... erm.. I'm not sure of his username but I'm sure he is on here.
  9. Chriscooke

    Meet: South west Autosport show @ Newton Abbott

    South west Autosport show @ Newton Abbott June 16th I've spoken to the forum admin and they are happy for me to once again invite you guys to an event :) The South West Autosport show is now in it's second year, last years show was really good, especially as it was the shows first year. This...
  10. Chriscooke

    Meet: Invite from SXOC - Rolling Road day in plymouth

    Hi guys. The sxoc would like to invite any locals to our rolling road day in plymouth. Some details below Rolling Road day at Enginetuner (Alan Jeffery's) August 10th, 11am start. Full 4wd DynoDynamics Rolling road - If needed. 2x Runs or "as many as it takes to be sure of a good figure"...
  11. Chriscooke

    Meet: Rare Rims Open day including arch rolling, Crediton, Devon 29th July. S15oc welcome!!

    Evilchap @ Rare Rims has kindly offered to open up Rare Rims towers again for the sxoc and invited clubs to have a nose around, check out a few of the rims, have a BBQ (sxoc Members eat for free! Non sxoc members will be charged £1 per burger/hotdog) The arch roller will be in use again if you...
  12. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc rolling road day. June 9th Plymouth

    Hi guys, hope this is allowed, please feel free to delete if it isn't. If any of you guys from the south west fancy joining the Sxoc for a rolling road day at Alan Jeffries in Plymouth on the 9th of June you are more than welcome :) The cost is £30 for non Sxoc members and that includes 2x...
  13. L

    How to troll a dating website

    For those who haven't seen it on the SXOC or pistonheads... I very nearly cried with laughter
  14. LuPix_S15

    Banned traitor??!! :)

    lmao ok I bet it was Craig??? :rolleyes: :rotfl: Whoever put my title as above: Banned traitor why?? I've only gone and sold the Stagea, got myself a nice little Lexus IS200 Sport daily driver (ok she's got Meister R coilover system - thanks Speed Factory :thumbs: plus Top Secret style...
  15. S

    Hello from Northants UK

    Hello good folk from S15 land. I have signed up due to the very great possibility of me getting an S15 very soon to replace the S14a that I owned for near 6 years before it was destroyed in a fire :cry: I am a member, and the current East mids rep, over on SXOC and will hopefully badgering...
  16. S15AK

    SXOC Weekender

    Ok so anyone from here going to Prescott Hill this weekend? I'm going so just wandering if any other S15's will be there :cool:
  17. M

    another new guy

    hi guys, longtime lurker on this site, just bought a red 99 spec s auto, going to convert it to sr20 turbo and 5 speed from my old s14, im a long time member of the sxoc and driftworks websites, used to know christian with the blue s15 a few years back. will post some pics up soon.
  18. Curryzz

    Want to up the power, need some advise please.

    The stage im at is i have an apexi air filter,full 3 inch exhaust all the way through,skykine decat pipe, i have splitfire coilpacks and ngk uprated plugs,the boost is standard at the mo and i have just brought, or in the process of buying a walbro fuel pump and am waiting on the arrival of a...
  19. Darren_S15

    FS: S14/S15/ OilFilter/WheelNuts/Actuator/AirBox/Exhaust/Hoses/FogLights/Brakes/CatchCan

    Having a bit of a garage clear out in order to make some room. All parts are located in South Essex and prices are negotiable :nod:. Postage would be standard Royal Mail, but happy to use alternative if required. Any questions just ask. R33 Skyline Blue Print Oil Filter NEW Got this free...
  20. mint

    FS: Veilside s15 Wing

    As per title - Was on my s15, Sat in my loft since then. Wouldnt mind shifting this as its taking up room. Open to offer, One just sold for £130 on SXOC a few months ago, but any offer is cool with me.