1. Ajbulger

    Turn ignition and power cuts off and stays dead for 5 minutes

    Hey guys got a Clifford alarm and remote start system and its never missed a beat twice last week when Puting the key in to start the car all the electrics kill and takes 5 minutes to have a go this morning however it made a wearing sound then a pop and completely went any help?
  2. Sims77

    S15 Specialists Stoke

    Hi guys I can't seem to find any garages that deal with S15's in Stoke or the surrounding areas. Can any one point me in the right direction? I don't mind travelling a bit as the mrs takes the Evo to Derby. Just wondered if there was anyone near by that knows there way around the cars. Cheers
  3. J


    Hi guys im James, live in Kettering. Been following the forum for a couple of years but only joined recently. Got an RX8 at the moment but its boring and ive had a major obsession with the S15 for a long time! :smitten: As soon as my 8 is sold im going to import one even if it takes a while...
  4. slammedmind

    FS: Goodridge braided hoses

    Brand new box unopened goodridge front and rear braide brake lines for the s14/a and s15. Dont need them so i want them gone 50 euro takes them cheers Rob
  5. C

    Cold Start Problem

    Hi all, New to this site and new to S15 ownership...picked it up on Friday! Sadly, my new toy is giving me a bit of a headache. When trying to start it, after it's been stood for a good few hours, it takes many attempts for it to fire. The engine turns over, but just doesn't fire up. When it...
  6. M


    Any of ye Irish guys got or know where to get gaskets for de-cat section finding it hard to get em,dealers telling me cant be got or takes wks to get in such crap know they can be got!!! thanks in advance... Mark
  7. R


    Ive seen alot of crazy car vids but this one takes the cake. http://www.funpic.hu/files/pics/00025/00025354.wmv