1. W


    Hey lads and ladies My name is Pa and im from Ireland. Had a 15 for a while and been on here on and off so said id join up and have a chat. Talk to ye soon
  2. I

    Gearbox self destructed for Christmas - thanks Santa. Sound like circlip failure?

    I'm 100% sure my 3rd / 4th gear circlip has let go. There is talk some people weld the gear in place vs regrooving and fitting a larger circlip. Has anyone had experience with either method?
  3. M

    Big Brake Kit - K-Sport

    Hey guys. I'm looking for some feedback for the K-Sport brakes, if you have experience with them I would really appreciate some insight to their performance and reliability. I know a lot you UK guys use them both in race and drift cars, read mostly good things about them. If these guys are...
  4. Miss S15

    Name change?

    Just wondering who I need to talk to about getting my username changed?
  5. S

    wats d story !!

    hey all, jst joined d other day, hows every1 doin ? gettin some great info already 4m this site...thanks alot lads :thumbs: talk 2 ye's soon
  6. S

    Howdie !!!!

    Saw a sticker for this site on a 15 that i saw at a car show yesterday so said id join in on the fun, talk soon. :wave: