1. Miss S15

    Some bargin for a spec s s15

    Defo a miss print even if the price is right I'd be tempted lol http://www.carzone.ie/search/Nissan/Sylvia/CLEANEST/200921192887444/advert?channel=CARS
  2. subzero

    Front Brake pad suggestions

    my front pads are fried, just wondering what ye recoomend and where to pick em up inc price. tempted by the Endless Super Street - Y Sports on nengun for 95 yoyos inc delivery
  3. P

    could sell it

    well ever since i put the rota rims on the car (s15 spec S). the amount of attention i get is just unreal, so anyway this guy i know is relly interested in my car he is in love with it. reckons he will buy it when he sells his astra!! I'm tempted... Spec R
  4. N

    Need your Comments on these Seats !

    Hi guys, I am considering getting these used Red Bride Seats. Still very new, use for onli 3 mths. What you all think of it? Is it nice? The reason i am hesitating is because it is in Leather but tempted to get it as the Price is irresitably good. Don't wana regret buying so need more opinion...