1. 3

    Hey guys im new

    Hey guys I'm new Names louie I've got a pearl white silvia s15 its a bit of a sleeper, I'd up load photos but i don't really know how to any tips??
  2. Mike


    No, no, not drugs. Anybody got any tips for growing nice grass?! My front and back lawns look like the somme and went it grows I just get weeds! Hello everyone by the way! Haven't been on in a while! :) Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Jaydej

    WAX on Plastics :S

    Hey guys the other day I polished and waxed my car and even with tape managed to get some on the plastics around the windows anyone got any tips on how to remove it?
  4. crazymat666

    Pattern on my lights are no good.

    Anyone have any ideas to help this? Obvs last year it just got through the mot but I want to avoid getting new lights If I can obviously they are pricey. Anyone got any tips?
  5. dave_t

    Engine & Gearbox Mount Replacement - Any Tips?

    Ive bought a set of Hardrace 'Street' Engine & Gearbox mounts to fit next week, any tips on the best way to go about fitting them? Doesnt look like a lot of room down there :D -Cheers -David
  6. Parky

    Changing exhaust manifold - any tricks / tips?

    I'm planning on changing the stock exhaust manifold for a stainless jobby this week, just waiting on the gaskets to arrive. Ideally I want to do this without having to remove the turbo but know that getting to the 4 mani > turbo nuts is going to be a pain in the tits. I managed to change the...
  7. D

    Yankee in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Good day everyone, I can't really describe how much I've been learning just reading through posts and seeing all the tips the more experienced members have given, thanks! I'm an American living in Japan currently exporting Japanese cars. Current car: none. The cost of tools and space to work...
  8. Wayne

    New from Germany

    Hello everyone, my name is Tim, I'm 22 years old and live in Germany. I imported my S15 Spec-R last year from Japan and I love it! :) I'm registered here since last year, but never introduced myself. Sorry for that! I hope I'll get some tips and also can give you some tips. If you have any...
  9. S

    Diff Bushings

    any tips on removing them? is it the old fire and a hacksaw job like the subby mounts? any help is welcome ^^
  10. R

    sr20 set up tips

    found this and said i would put it up as it might be helpfull
  11. M

    Rocker Cover

    As above lads I take it you can re-spray a standered rockercover??? Any tips for me on this would go along way cheers...........
  12. E

    Anyone here using the AEM Plug and Play ECU?

    Looking for some tips and maybe a base map or two.
  13. P

    thanks S15OC ;)

    dunno if anyone else remembers that thread about cleaning the front lights to remove the foggyness if you will and make them clear again, well I finnaly tried today and wow! what a difference! car looks WAY better!!!! thanks for the tips! i think it warranted a thread as it made me think my car...