1. ArTo

    FS: S15 Cluster Gauge Girly with Crystals

    Hey, I need to sale my cluster, it came with the car from Japan and looks like a girl was driven that. about 100.000km on the clock. It has a nismo shield that is cracked from transport. You can use yours. Price: 160 € + Shipping PS: still sux that I cant add any pics! Here are some dropbox...
  2. K

    car transport ??

    anyone know a good car transport company they recommend ??
  3. Yakozan

    Wohoo, the Skyline is near :)

    As some of you might know, I bought a Skyline R33 a couple of months ago. It brings great gifts for the S15 in form of a set of 18" Volk Te37 in bronze :) Touched down at Gothenburg harbor yesterday. So today after work I will pay for the tax and stuff and tomorrow I'll call the transport...