1. J

    Spec R on pistonheads £4,800!?

    Has anyone noticed this? Too good to be true? Sent from my Iphone
  2. T

    FS: Fs apexi pfc

    Apexi power FC for sale used came fron s15 NZ$ 1100 You can ask me about any other spares cheers Best Regards! True JDM e-mail:;
  3. Tony

    S15 afm

    Hi guys.. Does anyone know how much power Spec-R Afm can take..? I have heard 350 hp...... true?? have anyone tried Lathing It up....??? best regards: T.M
  4. - 0h -

    Does Short-Shifter kill your gearbox?

    I'm thinking of getting a short shifter for my 6Spd gearbox...but have heard that they aren't good for your that true? and If i were going to get one, what brand should I go for..
  5. T

    Fitting an z32 A/F Meter

    Hi All, had a search but im getting mixed results... I'm buying one of these with a polug fitted, so hoping the wiring will be a plug and play affair. However, Is it true the elephant trunk will not be large enough and need replacing? if so whats the best option? Also will I need a new...
  6. T

    Gearbox Question: Difference between the Autech and the Spec R 6 speed

    I was told the Autech is much stronger and reliable, not sure if that's true though, I would think there were the same. Any help woiuld be great! Thanks.
  7. A

    Factory Hid headlights

    Attention all S15 owners in ireland. Does these pass the nct. I ahve been told by most motor factors that they will fail. Is This true?
  8. I

    SR20DET 3071r questions

    got a GT3071r .64 for my S15 and been told i gota fit new engine mounts? is this true and will i be needing anyother mods to fit it in?
  9. S

    Aftermarket Manifold

    I bought a ss manifold for my S15 and it was stated to be for an S15 but when my garage fitted they said it was an S14. I want to confirm with those inthe know if this is true and if so would the internal diameter of the pipes be different? I now have 43mm, is this an increase over standard?
  10. P

    2jz swap

    sold my sr already intersted in getting and rb 26 or a 2jz preferbly a 2jz. Whats stopping me is that the shop im going to is telling me the motor mounts drive shaft for the 2jz will have to be custom. so i did some research online and they only have kits for s13 and 14, so i email one of the...
  11. G

    Any1 else thinks this looks a bit suss?

    this car is up for sale at the moment this is the cheapest ive seen a spec r for sale for in ireland. anyone else think it sounds too good to be true??
  12. D


    Hallo! I check true the FAST program and finded that there´s Stripes for the Silvia. Is there anyone that has those on your car? Just want to see how it looks. //Daniel
  13. D

    FMIC battery tray!

    Was told iv to only cut hole in battery tray for intercooler pipes but was lookin at the tray and under it is like the inner shell/valence. have i to cut true both or whats the story:confused::confused::confused:
  14. D

    4 Branch Manifold!

    Hi lads got my elbo and downpipe today. Had to get the downpipe with the elbo because my kakimoto downpipe was a differant size and would not suit the elbo i got. Anyway i seen a japspeed manifold and even has a engine support on it. Is it true manifolds crack on s15s after a while just need to...
  15. M


    Just got a de-cat for my S15,its a made up one and dosn't have section for the lambda sensor! Ppl have told me I wont need it put back in,:confused: is this true and will it affect the running of the car if I dont use it!!?? Cheers Mark.
  16. Yakozan

    Nagisa Auto S15 GT Widebody

    Lovely looking car :) true JGTC style bodykit. maybe you brits saw this at D1 Silverstone. by the way. These are the ones making the rear-lights you wanted Nicely :) Looks like it used to be blue too.