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    Greddy Turbotimer - Speedsignal

    Hi guys, i have installed the Greddy Turbotimer, but i don't know where i can gat the speedsignal. (Somewhere from the speedo ?!) I place the wire from the TT to the speedo and don't know with wich wire i have to connect it on the speedo. Need your Help. Thanks
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    Hey all

    Hi guys, Im Johan From the Netherlands.after a S13 and a Pulsar GTI-R am i one happy owner of 2001 S15 Spec R 101000km on the tacho with some little mods. blitz air filter greddy boostcontoller Hks type 1 turbotimer Kakimoto exhaust from cat Tein super street coilovers SSR 17inch wheels F 7.0J...