1. B

    Borg warner efr series turbo

    Hi All, Anyone on here fitted a b1 frame efr turbo either 6258, 6758 or 7163 to a sr20det engine in stock location? If so what manifold did you use? I understand there may be fitment issues depending on the manifold used. rgds Brian
  2. C

    Japfest 2016

    whos going? Anyone been before? Any good? Do i need to book somewhere to have my car near the show or what? I don't understand these things :wack:
  3. J

    Exhaust help!

    Well, I screwed up getting a new exhaust, got a used 3", thats full system after downpipe... It's only going to be temporary, till I can sort MOT and money for a wrap. Once that's done I'm going back to a 2.5" pipe into 3"backbox. What I wanna know is, considering mine is N/A Autech, I...
  4. K

    Installing a blitz bow the best way.

    Hi. I'm new here and are from Sweden. I have just bought me a S15 Spec-r ( amazing car by the way ) and I have bought a blitz Bow kit. Now the manual is on Japanese and I don't understand a single word of that. But what I understand of the pictures in the manual they want the BOW directly after...
  5. Fruitbooter

    SVA Imports..

    Where do they get their figures from :rolleyes: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WHITE-NISSAN-SILVIA-S15-SPEC-R-AERO-FRONT-BUMPER-/220981505106?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3373862c52...
  6. H

    Buying My First Silvia - What's S15 Ownership Like?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy my first S15 Spec R soon, just wanted to know what common problems they have, and what I should look out for when buying one? Also, what are they like for reliability, do many things go wrong which cost a bomb to fix? I understand modifications will be expensive, but I...
  7. JaseYpk

    Boost Leak (Not in the conventional places though..)

    First up, I know what the first answer will be to my problem "check your hoses". I have. I've checked every single hose from the turbo to the plenum. I've tightened them, re tightened them, i've connected an electric pump to the boost nipple and done a pressure test, and not found any leaks that...
  8. DeanS15

    air con removal

    i need to pick you lots brains :) though the silvia has aircon, i have never ever used it as with my previous 2 cars, i'd just rather open a window and get fresh air. anyway, with this in mind and considering that it would save a bit of weight, improve flow through the intercooler and rad and...
  9. S

    Power FC Djetro Question's

    Is there a english install manual on the net? Cant seem to understand japanese:annoyed: I think i understand the pictures, but im not 100% sure about the installation. Someone has djetro installed who could tell me a littlebit?
  10. E

    High Idle Problem.

    Greetings.. I'm a bit flummoxed at the moment with a 'wee problem' with my idle. Story is as follows: 1. When it starts it goes up to about 2k until warm and then drops to about 800 and idles nicely ... perfect 2. After driving for a bit and then coming to a stop the idle won't go below about...
  11. J

    Adjusting HKS Actuator

    Finally got my rocket back on the road and it feels great! Doesn't sound like a tractor anymore, which is nice! My Japanese however isn't so good :p - can anyone tell me how I udjust the HKS actuator so I'm not over-boosting? Over boosting is fun! :D but I suspect may damage my engine...