1. naha_music

    FS: FS: APEXi Power FC w/ Commander L-Jetro

    I got a near new Power FC w/ commander up for sale. Bought brand new and was briefly installed.. but replaced it with the AEM Series 2 EMS before my project was ever completed.. I still have original box, instructions, receipt, etc.. $700 USD obo. Also got a brand new FC Datalogit w/...
  2. Shawnhalu

    FS: Parts for Sales

    Selling off to any parts of the world :) some brand new parts that i never been able to use it but did opened that package before. (New items is all on a 15% discount) Tomei Valve Guide - USD $280.50 Tomei Bery-Rings Seat - USD $382.50 Tomei N2 Oil Block - USD $153.00 APP Stainless Brakelines...