1. A

    HKS EVC inline vacuum filters

    Im looking for replacement HKS EVC inline vacuum filters 4mm & 6mm, the cheapest..& only ones I could find so far are £30 total, seems a bit of a ripoff, anyone know where to get them cheaper? Thanks.
  2. J

    few drifty photos from the sky insurance day!

    turned out to be a good day until it rained :( the car was faultless alday until i popped a hole in my vacuum pipe...
  3. JaseYpk

    GIZZMO EBC Help!!

    Erm yeah, i'm being a general mong again! :cool: I've wired the solenoid and controller up as per the manual, however i'm getting no reading through the controller... just sits on 0.00.... :/ So, my first thought is the vacuum hose to the back of the controller isnt.. well.. isnt carrying a...
  4. A

    Identify these parts?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what this stuff is? Just picked up a Jap Spec R S15 today that's fairly standard and noticed a few new parts compared to my old Aus Spec. This is mounted to a bracket on the corner of the radiator, has some sort of connector going to it from the fuse box and a...
  5. Y

    Blitz installation

    Just bought myself a blitz sbc-i-colour boost controller. Just wondering about installing it and internal and external wastegates. The wiring im not to bothered think i can work that. It’s more the setting up of the relay. Im not hundred percent sure what pipe to T into. In the picture below...
  6. Yakozan

    S15 stock boost gauge, why 2 boost measure units?

    Just looked closer on the S15 boost gauge. Why does it seem to have vacuum in "mmhg" and boost in "Kg/cm2"? Why not just stick to one measuring unit or is it a industrial standard of some sort to measure vacuum in mmgh?
  7. K

    Need help for ESVA (vacuum pics)

    Could you kind peeps on here help me out. I've got all the engine back to stock now, but need some help with the vacuum pipes. Could you take some pictures of all your vacuum pipes and post them up? I'm interested in the turbo, actuator, solenoid side and the oem bov side and where they...