1. S

    Wiper deicer

    I noticed that my wiper deicer relay appears to be missing on my S15. The ringed one in the image below.... I am assuming that this is the relay for the rear window deicer and may be the reason my rear window doesn't defrost. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. S

    Wiper components

    Hi everyone . Anyone know where I can get the bushes and the related Components for the wiper link arms on a s15 or is it a main dealer jobbie? Mine are worn and have been bodged by previous owner. 👎 Cheers
  3. D

    Location of wiper amp unit

    Hi all, This seems like a silly question, but does anyone know where the windscreen wiper amp unit is on an s15? On my older s13 and s14 s-body vehicles is been in the engine bay, close to the wiper motor itself but I can't seem to find it on the s15. The electrical diagram in the workshop...
  4. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: S15 Wiper amp relay

    Wanted S15 Wiper amp relay (intermittent delay) Hey guys looking for a intermittent delay wiper amp relay, if anyone has one... Part number 28510 85F00
  5. S15AK

    FAST part number for wiper arms?

    Hi Guys anyone with access to FAST get the Nissan part numbers for both the front wiper arms please? I was going to spray can them up as they are looking tatty, but might as well see how much I can get them new from Nissan for.. Thanks
  6. SlidewayzS15

    S15 wiper Electrical Diagram

    Hi guys, I was looking for a wiper diagram but had no luck on finding one. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? My wipers on my Spec S were working fine before I converted it to S14 Sr so I'm trying to see what differences they have because as of now they don't work at the moment...
  7. S15AK

    removing wiper arms

    Hi Guys Haven't really taken a proper look how to do this yet, but my front windscreen wiper arms are looking a little knackered (stone chips and a little rust). So I want to remove them so I can sand them down and paint them. Anyone taken them off before and what tools will I need? I've...
  8. T

    WTB: wiper arm linkage

    Above I'm looking for the window wiper linkage that joined to he motor . If anyone has one forsale please let us know . Thanks james Does anyone know if other Nissan models have the same linkage ?
  9. T

    WTB: S15 wiper motor

    I am looking for an S15 wiper motor. Anyone here who has one available? Thanks
  10. L

    Wiper Blades

    Hi All, Im looking to get some flat/aero blades for my S15. has anyone bought a set for theres from say Ebay or anything like that. Are they the same length as other Nissan's that are in the halfords compatible book when looking at wiper blades? Thanks Liam :wave:
  11. Parky

    Rear washer jet removal..?

    Morning all, Guessing this falls under bodywork but apologies if this is in the wrong section. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything. I de-wipered the rear window yesterday, the motor didn't work anyway and I probably would have ended up doing it sooner or later. I used a sink hole...
  12. J

    rear wiper removal

    hi lads. couldnt find if this has come up before but has any one removed there rear wiper, what sort of handlin is it to do and what size of gromets did you use if so. cheers
  13. M

    FS: S15 LHS rear quater window and rear wiper motor

    LHS rear quater window £80 posted Rear wiper motor. Full working order £14 posted
  14. Krish

    Wiper blades 21" & 20"

    Am I right in saying I need the above? Cheers
  15. Dan H

    WTB: Rear wiper bit

    Has anybody that has removed their rear wiper got the rubbery round cover piece where the arm bolts to the mechanism on the screen going spare? I've bought a new car, and annoyingly it's missing this part of trim. Let me know if you can help, thanks :)
  16. JaseYpk

    Rear Wiper Won't Turn Off!

    Hellppp! No matter what position the stalk is in, the rear wiper remains on full cycle. I'm fully aware that it is 'probably' something shorting out, but the question is where? The motor assembly you see in the video looks brand new, and i've had a fiddle with that and all appears to be fine...
  17. S

    Wiper problem thats got us stumped!

    went to use my car the other day and the wipers didnt work at all...was a bit hard to drive home in it :( Checked all fuses and they are fine, however...there isnt a 20amp fuse where it should be in the footwell and there doesn't appear to be any relays in the fuse box under the bonnet...
  18. TriniGT

    S14/S15 Wiper Problems

    Okay I did an S15 conversion on my S14 and I have swapped all electrical to S15 wiring and I have also swapped the S15 Wiper motor. Problem now is that when I refit the wiper arms and blades and I switch the wiper on they for an instant rotate downward onto the cowl panel and then go up, not all...
  19. Larsz

    Rear wiper keeps going?

    As titel says it, when driving all of the sudden the rear wiper comes on and wont go off. Sometimes it does go off, and 5 mins later it goes on again. :wack: Even when i use the switch to set it on and then off, it keeps going. When its on off, just randomly goes on and keeps going. Sometimes it...
  20. adz87kc

    FS: Blanking grommet for rear wiper removal

    Hi guys :) I have three Blanking grommets left over that can be used to plug the hole in the rear windscreen once you remove the rear wiper. If anyone would like one say so and put your name down and PM me your address and i'll post one out. To avoid silly postage costs -and unwanted hassle...