1. B

    bumper lugs snapped

    hi guys was just looking for some advice the lugs on my bumper have snapped was wondering if anyone has some advice on fixing them its a vertex fiberglass bumper I was wondering if I riveted to thin bits of steel either side of the bumper and dried it through would it hold? all advice welcome
  2. waggoner

    Possible to use s13 sr20 in a s15

    I have a s15 and the motor has never run properly. From running super rich to stalling out. I can't seem to figure out whats wrong. I've recently found a s13 sr20det for sale and wondering if it would be just a drop in no problem swap. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  3. D

    SR Front Cover Removal? Without dropping upper oil pan?

    Hey guys, Had a little search up on the web today couldn't really come to a clear answer/ or even a conclusion? I have removed my front cover just about... it was a massive fight and on consulting the manual it suggests dropping the upper oil pan! This seems like a massive waste of time, was...
  4. R

    WTB: Power fc wanted

    Hi guys, i know they are hard to come across nowdays but im looking for a power fc for my s15. Just wondering if anyone knows of any knocking around. Can be with or without hand controller. thanks in advance!
  5. H


    Hey guys I'm importing an s15 and have been given the option to have the car under sealed and treated with dinitrol injected into sills and the engine bay, just wondering if you guys recomend it or know anything about it can't find much on the net. Cheers
  6. H

    new member

    hello everyone looking to purchase a s15 asap i am a proud owner of a r32 gtr was wondering where the local meets are in the manchester/cheshire area
  7. E

    18x11 fitment under stock arches?

    Hi there, i have recently bought a pair of Mae wheels which are 18x11 et-6 I understand that normaly people would go for the over fender route however i was wondering if anyone has managed to fit similer sized wheels under stock arches with a big pull?
  8. phillll

    Removing front wings for loom tuck...

    Any pain in the ass bolts or hidden bolts in order to take these off? Going to get it done in the week and wondering how hard it is... Hoping for a simple and quick job tbh! thanks all :)
  9. Packham

    Bent Valves!

    Wondering if any sr20 wizards could help me out? My car isn't starting, took it to a specialist garage to where it has been before and they found the compression was very low. On further inspection almost all the valves were bent! It used to cough and splutter on full throttle when it was hot...
  10. T

    Forging a s15 sr20det

    I want to forge my s15 so I can put a bigger turbo and cams Ect , I was just wondering what kits people have bought and where from and how much it was . Thanks .
  11. T

    Dealings with Japspeed

    Well I am thinking to use this crowd for my front mount intercooler and my braided turbolines i see the name Japspeed pop up alot lately so just wondering how good are the parts they sell and has anybody dealt with them in the past
  12. TrevorSpencer

    Factory alarm?

    Hey I was wondering if the s15 spec r came with an alarm from the factory?
  13. D

    New clutch ? help ?

    Hi :) I have a s15 spec r, running about 310bhp but in a few months it will be around 400. I use this car as a daily so i dont want something horrible to drive in traffic. My clutch has started slipping. Wondering which clutch to go for as i have about £400 to spend. i have been looking at a...
  14. D

    Anyone has a pic of this splitter fitted?

    I am looking to buy this splitter but I am not quite sure yet so I was wondering if anyone has fitted this one and could show me some pics of it? :) http://www.jdmdistro.com/shop/exterior-styling/nissan-s15-silvia-carbon-front-lip-splitter-spoiler/

    Sought after parts ?

    I'm in a position where I can get some parts shipped over from japan. I'm looking to get a powerFC with hand controller and some new takata's. Just wondering what else might be good. Might get a couple of DMAX 50/50s too ?
  16. Fruitbooter

    Nissan Consult Interface tool

    I know the actual consult consoles retail in the £1000's so haven't got much hope in this but its worth a shot. Does anyone know if one of these would work? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Consult-Interface-tool-14pin-Diagnostic-Scanner-/290990717979 I'm looking to diagnose a fault with the...
  17. N

    Hi everyone

    Hello everybody My name is Nath and im from the West Midlands I currently own a Vauxhall Astra Sri Turbo however im planning to buy an S15 sometime next year as ive admired them for a while now and all of my mates have jap cars too :D Im wondering if there are any specific problems that the...
  18. Parky

    Turbo elbow question...

    Alreet folks, Will an elbow from an S14/14a work on an S15? Or are they a slightly different shape/fitment? My S15 has an S14 DET lump in so wondering which I will need to go for when I come to buy one..? Cheers in advance, P.
  19. G

    fuel smell

    hey guys ive got a really strong fuel smell in the cabin of my s15 and cant figure out were it is coming from, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what it could be?
  20. S

    Stock boost sensor wtb !

    I want to buy a stock boost sensor just wondering if anyone has one ?