1. JaseYpk

    Rear Arm Bolts!!

    Does anyone know where i can find replacement bolts for the rear toe and camber arms? i've tried driftworks and cant see any there, our local large garage doesnt have any, and they do alignment?!?! so yeah.. where can i find some pronto? i think theyre a mixture of 17mm and 19mm.. thats only a...
  2. R

    Yeah yeah.. another new one

    Just thought I'd say Hi. I'm going to look at a 99 Spec-R on Friday. Hopefully I'll then be driving it home :D I'm really looking forward to the drive. Coming from a Mazda MX-6 with it's 2.5 V6, the S15 is going to be a completely different beast. Fingers crossed the car looks OK when I get...
  3. J

    FS: Boost Gauge

    Yeah yeah, I know... you all have boost gauges! And anyone with any serious dosh will go Defi without hesitation... but this is up for sale anyway :D Blitz Carbon Face Boost Gauge. 60mm I think, but I'll remember to measure it at some point :) Looks exactly like this... It's worth as...
  4. K

    Where can i find a '93 180sx in the states?

    Well I decided to get my s15 once i get a lot more money:( . So for now im going to buy 180sx. So now i've been looking for '93 180sx in caliornia but haven't been able to find one. I would perfer right hand drive, but if i cant thats fine as well. O yeah, if i cant find a 180sx ill go for the...