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Greetings from Germany

3 November 2021
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Germany, Frankfurt
Hi guys and gals,

I don't know why I missed this forum for so long but now I'm here. I've been owning my S15 Spec-R for two years now. It's pretty much stock or at most basic mods done to it.
Stock bottom end, stock turbo, stock head and headgasket, stock injectors and ignition coils. Mods are Apexi Intake, Blitz Intercooler, Mishimoto rad, oil cooler, Greddy baffled
oil pan, Uras bodykit and Buddy Club P1 wheels on Toyo R1Rs

Planning to up the bosst for next year for now but I need to weld in some bungs for the wideband sensor. I'd love to go all out some time in the future with wide body kits and extended suspension parts to match the offset, forged bottom end + VET conversion etc. but unfortunately it's not so easy here in good ol Germany thanks to the TÜV organisation.... but yeah, where there's a will....

cheers guys!