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Help a fellow club member!!!



Dear everyone!

My band 'Leatherat' are lined up to play a reasonably large festival in Aylesbury this summer and the organisers have decided in order to pick out the talent they will let the public vote on who plays :rolleyes:

If you feel kind and have a spare 60 seconds to help out a fellow member, please can you text ASC Leatherat to 60123 and help to put us in the running? We'd REALLY appreciate it! :thumbs:

www.leatherat.com for details of the band
http://www.startxt.com/~jam/mobile.php?p=downloads for details of the voting (I think?!)
http://www.aylesburyshowcase.co.uk/events.asp for details of the festival!

Cheers all! :smitten: