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Hose diameters

20 January 2009
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Well... I'm semi skint at the mo but slowly tidying up a few loose ends on the silvia. I've got it to a good state now and replaced a couple of old/worn parts here and there and now I just need to aesthetically tidy things up (well.... actually I would like to recirc my SSQV so if I have to buy hosing for that I thought I may aswell do the rest to match in new fresh samco kit)

Anyway... Essentially, just wondering if anyone can let me know what diameters I need for the different hoses pictured below. Sorry about the quality of the pics they were taken on an old school camera phone but here goes:

So, if anyone in the know could complete this list or any within the list it'd help. I've coloured them for ease in good old paint :D

Yellow - Hardpipe to throttle body

Pink - Hardpipe to intercooler piping (turbo side)
Green - Runs over fan shroud
Dark Blue
Light Blue - Hardpipe to turbo
Purple - Hardpipe to SSQV
Red - Overflow pipework?

Anyone any idea on the diameter of the cusco piping for the catch tank? Or for those who dont run a cusco catch tank.... essentially the diameter of the rocker cover breather pipe?

Actuator vac pipe?

Defi boost gauge vac pipe?

SSQV vac pipe?

I know I need 30mm diameter already for my recirc hosing :)

Anything else I've missed? Cheers guys!!!