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JDM Digital Climate Control Diagnostic


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26 October 2005
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Just found details of this on NS.com :)

To run a self-diagnostic for the Digital Climate Control:

Turn DCC temperature knob fully left. Turn engine on. Within 10 second of starting engine, press and hold 'OFF' button on the DCC for 5-10 seconds until all segments on the display light up.

Test 1 - Display Test. Look for any missing segments or icons
Turn knob right get to Test 2.

Test 2 - Input signals from each sensor Wait a couple seconds and it'll display error codes (20=all ok, 21=ambient, 22=in-vehicle, 24=intake, 25=sunload (test in sunlight to prevent this error), 26=PBR)
Turn knob right to get to Test 3 or left to get to Test 1

Test 3 - Mode Door Motor This test takes a little longer. 30=all modes ok, 31=vent, 32=B/L, 33=B/L, 34=Foot/Def 1, 35=Foot/Def 2, 36=Def
Turn knob right to get to Test 4 or left to get to Test 2

Test 4 - Actuators Test Pattern Toggle modes 41-46 by pressing defrost button on DCC.
Turn knob right to get to Test 5 or left to get to Test 3

Test 5 - Temperature Readings Press defrost button to toggle through sensors (ambient, in-vehicle, intake in that order). If the temp is -22, then that sensor is not working. The temperature can also be adjusted to compensate for differences between temp setting and the temp felt by driver. It can be adjusted 6 degrees up or down. While in Test 5, press the fan switch and then the temp adjustment can be made using the temperature knob.

Hit Auto button or turn car off to exit self-diag.