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Need Your Help to get to SEMA



My name is Alex and I competing in Performance Auto and Sounds Magazine's Tuner Battle Grounds. The way it works, is they have 5 Stages, with each stage, they eliminate half of the field. I am currently in Stage 4 which ends tomorrow at 3:00 EST. The only way to advance is by getting votes. The top two cars are taken to SEMA to have a final competition round and the winner gets to be on the cover of the magazine and a full feature. I am the only S-chassis, let alone S15 competing and I would really appreciate your support with this. Below is the link to my page to vote. You need a Facebook account to be able to vote. You just kick the link, click the Facebook icon, answer the security questions, and then you will be redirected to my page where you just click the gold star by my name. Help a fellow S15 owner get to SEMA! Thank you to all.