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FS: Tein Type HR Coilovers with Top Mounts



For sale I have a set of Tein type HR coilovers for the S14/S15 with the valuable adjustable top mounts for the front. They're 2nd hand but I've never used them myself. I bought them with the intention of fitting them but they need a bit of work and I lucked into some very cheap BC springs instead.

The only reference I can find for price is these[http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Silvia-S14-S15-Tein-HA-Coilover-/261044359453], which are already at £385. I'll take £400. Collection from Cambridge or postage to the UK (they're quite heavy).

There's some rust but it all looks superficial to me, and should clean up. The only big problem is that one of the dampeners is leaking / has leaked as there's a yellow deposit on one of the rear springs. I guess it just needs a re-gas and new seals.

I contacted Tein about a refurb and got the following response:

"You can send the dampers in to be overhauled, if you wish.

... from the photos, there is no serious external damage and the
rust does not seem excessive to me."

Alas they only seem to be interested in a complete overhaul of all 4. Then they tried to sell me new ones so I stopped talking to them.