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    FS: Michelin 255/35/18 for sale

    I have a Michelin Pilot Sport 4 with ~4mm of tread left on it if anyone is interested. 2yrs old. 255/35/18 Location W.London £50ono collected, or +postage
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    Pewter and White (Black spoiler) S15's in convoy - Uxbridge

    Think you swung by my place today?
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    Michelin Pilot sport 3's PS3 vs Michelin Pilot sport 4's PS4

    Hi All, I have Michelin Pilot sport 3's at the moment which are excellent IMO, they now have PS4's out for 2016. Are they better worse that the PS3's in people's views who have had both? Dont think I need the Super Sports before someone mentions it. Alan
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    WTB: Wanted. Drivers side oem wind deflector

    Hi guys as above mine broke today. Does anyone have an oem I can purchase? If not I will buy from RHD, unless anyone has a better source? Thanks Alan
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    FS: Boot lid. Bare metal

    Anyone interested in a boot lid? It's been shot blasted back to bare metal. So has surface rust but nothing major. Has indentations across the top surface which were previously filled but beyond my diy expertise to fix. Has holes for the oem spoiler. Would suit a drift/track car I would say...
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    Detailer / Detailing South East England?

    Hi all Does anyone know of a good, tried and tested detailer that you would recommend in and around West London / South East? I've used Jem a number of times in the past but I've read he may have packed in doing it. I can't get hold of him? (Needs to be mobile. ) I need a professional that...
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    WTB: OEM parts needed

    Guys, After my recent accident, I am after the following OEM bits: Rear OEM standard bumper (non aero is fine as my Rear spats are intact) Rear OEM bootlid (perferably one which has the holes for the Aero spoiler, mine will be going back on) I have been speaking to JDMGarage, JAPPerformance...
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    Anyone west London?

    Guys, who's in or around Uxbridge West London on here?
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    White S15 - Uxbridge

    02/09/14 - Tuesday You were heading into Uxbridge from Iver Heath on St. John's Road.
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    Sad times - parts needed

    Hi Guys, Sad times; the other week I was sitting in a queue of traffic when someone decided not to pay any attention whilst queuing with me and run straight in the back of me! :eek: The guys excuse was that he was admiring the car with his mate and wasn’t paying attention, (he obviously needed...
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    White S15 - Wexham Park hospital Slough

    You turned right past the hospital towards Gerrards Cross, I was two behind you, don't think you clocked me?
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    Brake pads - choices?

    Hi all, Are EBC Yellowstuff pads comparable to Ferodo DS2500's? I've had Ferodo's on my S13 and S15, and am really happy with them. However Yellowstuff seem to get good reviews and are a third of the price cheaper! I would go with DS2500's but they are out of stock at DBPower currently... So...
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    FS: 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R - 255/35/R18 - both with 6mm tread

    I have for sale 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R - 255/35/R18 - both with 6mm tread One tyre is roadworthy and one is not. Both tyres are under 12 months old and brand new when I purchased them. The non roadworthy tyre has a worn internal sidewall, unfortunately due to me driving a couple of miles to a...
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    WTB: Toyo Proxies T1R Proxes 255/35/R18 94Y

    Has anyone got a new or second hand Toyo tyre I can have please.. I am after a Toyo Proxes T1R Proxes 255/35/R18 94Y With at least 4mm tread left on it and relatively new manaufacture date.. Alan
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    Als_Jordan's S15

    Guys n Girls, Thought it was about time I posted up my car.. It's just come out of a paint correction and detailing session and looks great, especially in the very few moments that the sun was out this weekend.. It has been detailed by Kelly and his guys at KDS Ketec, and they have done a...