Build: Pegliobaglio's Vertex Edge S15
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Started in 2011 as a simple build thread for small fixes and improvements, the build took an unexpected turn in 2015 when Chris decided that he wanted to do a partial refresh to his car while fitting the "Vertex" body kit to his car.

You could say that Chris' idea of a partial refresh has soon spiralled out of control and it appears he has since sold his soul to his car as the amount of time and work that has gone into the build is an impressive uncountable amount of hours.

5 years, 250k views, 1500 posts and 80 pages of posts later and we're finally getting to a stage where the S15 is starting to look like a car again. Aiming to be completed by next year, the project has started making some serious progress and we highly recommend watching the build
Take a look at his build by clicking here.
Build: Ken's 450BHP RB26 S15 Sleeper
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Ken or also known on the forum as @kenecchi has been slowly perfecting his RB26 S15 build over the last 5 years, with some serious attention to detail while trying to maintain as much of an OEM finish as possible.

The car started its life as a Automatic Spec-S but has slowly been transformed to a very capable monster of a car.

Without knowing what was hidden under the bonnet, any car enthusiast would struggle to tell that this S15 was packing over 450BHP and an RB26 engine from an R33.

We've been very impressive with the innovation that Ken has inputted into his car to make it more functional.
Take a look at his build by clicking here.
Japfest 2019 - Donington Park - 13/07/2019
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We're very late on this one as we've only got today to book in but we've got Club access for Japfest 2019 (Donington Park) on 13/07/2019

I'm hoping that if we can have 5 members or more book then I can organise a club stand for the S15 Owners Club

If you would like to book, please do so today and reply to the post to let us know you've done it!

Although it says on the website that club bookings are until 10th June, I have an email confirmation from the Japfest team that they've extended it until 13/06 for us.

For bookings, please follow the link below:

Phoenix : Error
Club Tickets | Japfest

Club: S15OC
Password: 2019.06

Make sure to add a Club Vehicle Pass if you would like to be on the stand

Looking forward to seeing you there!