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    FS: SSR Hasemi Prot-S 17x9 +25 fresh refurbished!

    Testing the water: Thinking about selling my fresh refurbished SSR Hasemi Prot-S, because I´ve after another offer. Need to go asap, if not, I´ll keep them, because they´re lovely and very rare and hard to find wheels. There´s no other square set in this condition on the market...
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    Oil pressure problem S15 Spec-S

    Hey mates, I think I've got a problem regarding to my oil pressure, maybe you had the same problem and can tell me, what to do or where the problem is. :) I regularly drive the car just for 4 or 5 km's to work and back. Whille normal driving (when the oil is warm), the oil pressure is around...
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    New S15 Aero Owner (fresh imported, PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys and girls I am completely new to the S-Chassis scene, but let me introduce myself at first: My name is Andy, I´m 28 and live in the northern part of Germany. I am a Supra owner for five years and this was my first car love at the age of six. This is my one owner Euro-spec supra...