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    Try this next time you drive your car...

    When in 5th gear at 100km/h (60mph), put your foot down on the clutch (hold it there), then push the lever into 5th gear to the end of it's travel ie keep pushing towards the dashboard. Can you feel a vibration through the gear lever? This feeling will increase as you increase in speed so at...
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    Gearbox self destructed for Christmas - thanks Santa. Sound like circlip failure?

    I'm 100% sure my 3rd / 4th gear circlip has let go. There is talk some people weld the gear in place vs regrooving and fitting a larger circlip. Has anyone had experience with either method?
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    aftermarket replacement rotors - stock size

    Hey Guys I've searched through past threads but no one seems to recommend any specific brands for stock size aftermarket rotor replacement (front rotors). Any suggestions on brands? EBC, Brembo - has anyone tried these? I do some track work and my stock rotors have suffered from hair line...
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    How much power is enough (for you)?

    I haven't been on here for ages so I thought I'd check in ;) Now, we all know the modification bug has no cure but everyone has their limits right? For me it's 210rwkw - that was always the plan and I've stuck with it. In New Zealand, the magical 200rwkw mark is now 300rwkw with 250rwkw being...
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    sonofabitch intermittent knocking sound...

    Okay, there seems to be a knocking sound coming from the front of my S15R. It's not from the engine, but sounds mechanical - ie it not something knocking against something. I thought at first it was coming from the suspension (as it only occurs at low speed over semi rough roads) - but the thing...
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    engine oil viscosities - what do you use?

    Ok guys - what oil weight do you use? The manual states 10-30W. I'm currently using 10-60 Castrol formula R (Now called EDGE). I'm wondering whether I should switch to a grade closer to the manufacturer's spec. What do you think?
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    tyre pressures at the track - what do you run?

    Guys, how much pressure do you run on the track? - cold pressures please. From my experience, once the tyres heat up - they add about 5-6psi to the cold reading. My tyres are 225/45/17 F and 245/49/17 rear. I usually run 35/36 on the road. I tried this on the track - no real probs but pressure...
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    PCOTY - Article where the S15 won - does anyone have it?

    Hey Guys does anyone have or know where to find the PCOTY article where the S15 won (it beat a porche and some other various hipo machinery). I believe the magazine may have been MOTOR Magazine? It would have been back in 2001.
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    New front brake pads - urgent !

    Ok - I'm off to Manfield Raceway on Friday (14 hour return trip!!!) for some spirited driving but I'm considering a pad change before the day. I believe my front pads are standard at the moment (S15 specR), and the rears have EBC Blacks. Any recommendations for the fronts? EBC Greens were on...
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    should I stay or should I go?

    Ok - opinions. There's a track in NZ called Manfield. It's about a 8 hour drive one way. I need to take 2 days off work, stay overnight in a motel and drive for years to get there. Then if something goes wrong at the track, I'm stuck! The track looks pretty good, but it's a major logistical...
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    Tail gaters!

    Ok guys - I don't know about you all - but the one thing that I can't tolerate on the roads are people who sit right up your ar$e. :rant: Sure, we have the ability to avoid other's stupid mistakes on the roads, but if the numb skull behind you ploughs into you once you take evasive action, it...
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    dubious characters

    ok, took my sil out to the country last night for a drive. Parked in a carpark by the beach to soak in some fresh air. Some guy cruises by slowly then enters the car park - parks a few spaces away. I then exit the car and walk to the end of the wharf. The guys waits until I'm on the wharf...
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    Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift

    Ok, dunno whether you guys have seen this - but it's relatively entertaining with some good car action - and funnily enough - drift! But my gripe is this - they only gave the S15 limited coverage at the beginning and that was about it! The stars of the show were a Rx7 (ok, you know I like them...
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    glovebox removal

    Ok, who from that show "the Krypton Factor" designed the glovebox mounting method? The usual squezze the sides together and pull method doesn't work. Looking underneath, I can't see any screws holding it in place that are accessible. I see there are two plastic clips, but before I force them...
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    Anyone installed rear brake pads before?

    Ok... driving along - then grind grind grind (really loud by the time I got home :o ). Thought it was a stone in the rotor shield - but no. Pulling the handbrake up or braking stops it momentarily - so it looks like my rear brakes are toast. Sure enough, on inspection the inside pads are...