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    Front Mount Question

    I have an apexi kit (type 2 i think) that requires no cutting of anything. Its a FMIC and the pipework follows all the standard piping (hot and cold pipes down behind LH headlight). you will need to make your own brackets to mount the core and you might have to trim the back of the bumper where...
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    ABS Issue

    is there an ABS sensor on the diff housing in a spec S? have you checked for continuity in the sensor wiring? Also what error codes are you getting from the ECU?
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    FS: Solid Aluminium Gearbox Mounts

    Pics uploaded, fits like a glove Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    FS: Solid Aluminium Gearbox Mounts

    Replaced my OEM gearbox mount with a solid aluminium version I designed and machined myself but after about 30 miles of driving have decided it is just too harsh and noisey for the road. It is machined from 6082 T6 aluminium with a black anodized finish. Comes with mounting bolts to the cross...
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    Indicator problem

    dodgey hazard switch. mine had this, keep flicking it on/off with an idicator on and eventually it will unstick itself. or try some WD40 in teh back of it
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    Z32 MAF install advice

    Need some help regarding packaging when running a z32 maf. I have a 3-2" reducer going into the elephant trunk and a hks mushroom filter with adapter to fit the z32 MAF. However this is now too long and doesn't fit my bay. What have others done to install this? Also I'm running an apexi type 2...
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    FS: Boost gauge and other bits

    Nissan S15 Spec R OEM Boost Gauge | eBay Selling this on eBay, if no one wants it I'll bin it Also selling: OEM fuel rail c's short shifter OEM spec r brakes Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    WTB: s15 dash and centre console

    Hi All, looking for upper and lower dash with centre console. not worried about condition, Im making a sim rig with it :D Will need posting unless close to the Essex area ideally under £200 please
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    What fuse are these wires connected to?

    So been installing my mishimoto rad fans tonight and I wanted to check which wires were positive and negative. There are two plus that connect to the fan, a long one for the AC fan and a shorter one which I think plugs into the electric fan? Anyway the shorter one has two wires brown and pink...
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    FS: Genuine C's short shifter

    Genuine C's in its original box, I have a couple of rubber boots for it somewhere but currently moving house so haven't dug them out. This is for 6 speed only and are like rocking horse dung £280 posted UK only Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    FS: DLP electronics box. 3D printing inside :)

    I'm running a nistune ECU with a DLP board to run things like MAP sensors etc, so decided to print a case for it to mount in the car. Assuming these DLP boards are the same I have a couple of extras is anyone wants one. £15 plus postage. Sintered nylon painted Matt black. I will grab a pick...
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    Auxillary belt kits

    Best places and brands to buy? Or just go with OEM?
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    Another running rich post

    Finally got my wideband fitted this weekend and the results are: Warm idle (800rpm) 11.8-12, cruising 3k ish-12, mild acceleration (half throttle on boost) 13.5-14.5, WOT 10.8-11.1 but right up at 7k i have seen 10.3 Mods so far are walbro 255, FMIC, 3"turbo back with decat, boost controller...
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    WTB: T28 working or blown

    In need of a T28 not bothered whether is fooked or not. Had agreed a price with someone on SXOC and then he sold it to someone else. I have money waiting.
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    FS: Air vent p**s flaps :p

    Starting work on fitting my AEM AFR so the flaps are surplus to my needs. Nothing snapped or broken. £10 posted