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    Hi guys, just wondering if a manual conversion package like this would work.

    S14 SILVIA SR20DET MANUAL CONVERSION | Home | Gearbox & Differental | Osaka Auto Parts This is the info they have on their website incase the link doesnt work Nissan Silvia SR20DET to suit S14 5 speed auto to manual conversion kit. * sr20det gearbox * 9 bolt det flywheel * clutch and...
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    Question about Nissan S15 Spec R automatic transmission

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking into buying a Nissan S15 Spec R which has an automatic transmission for $13000 with 159000km on the clock, the car is mint and near factory stock (exhaust and KN panel filter), is this a bad deal and also I've been informed there's an OD (Over Drive?) and power...
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    Need advice on buying a Nissan S15

    Is a 2001 Nissan S15 Spec R worth $17000 New Zealand dollars ($12000 American dollars) 135000km on the clock 6 speed manual converted With the following mods: Aftermarket front mount intercooler Aftermarket Fenix radiator with twin cooling fans HKS airfilter Aftermarket dump pipe X-force 3"...
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    Hi, I'm new to this club. I joined this club hoping to gain information about S15s

    I am looking to buy a S15. I live in New Zealand btw if that helps. What should I look out for and what should I check during inspection? Here's the information listed by the owner of one of the cars I'm looking to buy (I was hoping to get your guys opinion): 156,000kms Engine -New T28...