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    FS: S14 sr20det engine / light flywheel / nismo injectors / cas / gt2876r / other stuff

    Selling time again. here is a link to my listings for sale, if anyone's interested PM me through this S15OC For NON New Zealand People: Prices are in NZ dollars so if you want to know in your local...
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    A real review of chinese made suspention arms

    I though i would post this feed back about the adjustable arms we put in our cars, thinking they are cheep crap and you get what you pay for and all that bla bla. 4 years ago i purchased camber and toe arms, for $180 a pair. Only now in the last month have the ball or rose joints started to...
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    FS: Spoonmans S15... For SALE

    Selling my car even though its rather hard to let go of, im moving onto track cars and have a 180sx build underway All details can be found here Asking 19k in NZD 1999 JDM Spec R 222rw kW 410Nm 98oct 18psi (1.2bar) Engine...
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    Intake Manifolds, Discussion about pros & cons factory V aftermarket

    I would like to get anyone thoughts opinions about intake manifolds, as where does the factory one restrict? and how does it restrict? do greedy ones help? are Chinese replicas any good, what about mazworx and other really expensive ones ones? Please relate your experience and findings.
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    Old School Nissan L28 NA running ITB noise Its in a old school Z targa car
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    FS: 180sx S13 S14 S15 R32 part clearout again

    Click link below to my selling site via trademe, if anyone wants anything PM though forum
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    FS: GReddy T28 DumpPipe (elbow, downpipe)

    GReddy down pipe, for the T28. Pipe has been used but is in really good condition Has had the center divider cut flat to fit the S15 T28 GReddy dont make these anymore due to the SR20 T28 setup...
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    FS: 1990 A31 Cefiro RB25DET

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    Good for a laugh, Say dumb stuff on a forum = you get burned OFFROAD-EXPRESS NZ

    This guy asked a normal question and then a really awesome one, in typical kiwi style we are being pricks to him now, have a read & bit of a laugh
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    whats happend to RHDJapan, have they teamed up with a japan version of ebay
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    Oil Comparison Info

    These are not my words, info from "A Member of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)" But provides a good comparison as to what oils provide what levels of protection. In the primary 3 comparison notice the difference in anti wear rating between the VR1 Conventional and Synthetic, is Synthetic...
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    Postage Question for UK people please

    Ive brought some brake shoes and had them sent to my mates house which is in the UK, as the brake shoes are half the price they are in NZ. how do you guys go about posting items without it costing like 50 - 70 GBP? i just sent a airfilter and adapter to germany from NZ for $30NZD which is...
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    FS: Sard 550cc injectors / Apexi intake with SR adapter / D1Spec Speed Cut remover + more

    Will accept paypal SARD (Denso) 550cc Injectors, just been cleaned and flow tested. $350 NZD ($200 EURO )(175 GBP) [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Apexi intake with SR adapter. $80 NZD ($50 EURO) (40 GBP) SOLD [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] D1Spec Speed Cut remover $80 NZD ($50 EURO) (40 GBP)...
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    JDM ecu pin out differences

    Im having trouble trying to wire up a fan controller to the factory harness. Has anyone else come across this? On the ADM harness pin 10 is the Cooling Fan Relay HIGH and is Blue/Green (L/G) in colour, problem being that I have a JDM and there is no wire going to hole 10 in the harness. In...
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    FS: Selling S14/S15 bits

    See the below link for things im selling at the mo, please bear in mind that i do live in New Zealand