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    FS: Work Meister sp1-3p

    18x9 et 23 & 18x10 et (18) not 8
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    FS: Work Meister sp1-3p

    I do indeed, anyone who's interested just pm me and I can show how it fitted.
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    FS: Work Meister sp1-3p

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    WTB: Rims

    Hi has anyone got a set of volk ce28s for sale hit me up.
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    Not to sure

    Hi all, i want to buy a set of defo gauges to replace the air vents, any one know the perfect size gauges to get??
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    WTB: Gauges & wind deflector

    Hi all, in need of some gauges hit me up with what ever it is you have to offer, also my driver side wind deflector got broken, hoping someone has one to sell
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    WTB: Standard gear knob

    Any one got a standard gear knob for sale? Hit me up!
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    WTB: Seats

    Hi all, anyone have any geniune seats, had enough of the bucket ones I currently have on.
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    WTB: Aero spoiler wanted

    Hi all, after a aero spoiler preferably grey but wouldn't mind a random colour either. Thanks.
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    WTB: Work meisters sp1 5x114.3

    Hi all, looking for a set of meisters sp1 18” hit me with a pm if theirs any about cheers
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    WTB: Fog lights and grills urgently!

    Hi all desperately in need of the aero front fog lights and grills, if you have please hit me up.
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    WTB: Wanted - s15 spec r aero grey.

    Hi guys, after selling my previous beloved s15 I realised I need another back in my life. really after a grey full aero kit spec r. if anyone is thinking of selling or know anyone who is, let me know thanks.
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    S15 enthusiast

    Hi their, I owned a spec r s15 previously loved every second of ownership, now I'm back for more!