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    Hello dudes

    Hi i'm a complete noob! Havent got an S15 yet, but that is the plan in the next couple of months. When i view the car what bad points am i looking for? any specific problems on an s15? What boost is safe on a stock engine and how can i tell if its been over that?? Also, been searching...
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    Updates from Passion Automotive www.passionauto.co.uk

    Our new Honda Type R Forums for Integra, Accord & Civic owners has now launched which is great for type r drivers. Also thought id let you know about a new feature on the site which will calculate car speed, 0-60, bhp & performance. Simply input your cars bhp and weight and it will tell...
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    Spec S 0-60 times

    Hi Guys, has any body got the 0-60 times on a standard 2001 spec S silvia sr20de. as i can not find any figures anywhere!! would it be as fast off the line as a t-sport celica vvtli 190bhp, ie. 7secs 0-60. i know that its about 160bhp but i cant find any times for 0-60...
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    I don't post much on here but this definitely warrants a thread... The brother of one of my colleagues is taking his car to Gumball 3000 this weekend... its parked in the garage at work right now and I've just been down to check it out... Pics from previous owner...