1. Curryzz

    Oil question

    Got my s15 now but it needs an oil change, I work for Honda so have accces to 10w 40 part synthetic based, or 0w 30 fully synthetic, the old owner said use 10w 40 fully syn, will any of the first two be ok? :thumbs:
  2. Nicely

    Bulb specs and types

    You may find this useful when you need to replace bulbs. There are some quite unusual bulbs on the S15 :nod: Unless stated, all bulbs are white Headlight unit Low beam: H1 (55W) High beam: HB3 9005 (60W) OEM HID low beam: D2S (35W) 4300k?. Exterior Sidelight/parking: 501 (5W) Front...