1. fez06

    remapping ecu

    Can you remap a standard ecu? if not what would I need? Up to now iv got full exhaust and manifold, apexi intake, walbro and running just under 1 bar of boost. Iv read the post about 15psi not being safe so I think its time for a remap. I'm not after crazy figures 300 would be nice but want it...
  2. N

    99 jdm 15

    99 black spec r s15 done ~96000k 3inch turbo back exhaust turbosmart boost controller turbosmart boost gauge gtr fmic turbosmart vee port bov 18inch 350z rims pod filter nistune the car pulls 288hp at rear wheels on 15psi, spikes to 17 then works its way back to 15psi got something to do with...