1. Cris69

    FS: Rota d cups 17x7.5 et45

    For sale 4x rota d cups 17x7.5 et45 not using them now as my plans have changed!! :( 5x114 just wheels no tyres!! Gold centres diamond cut lip, could do with a refurb ill get pics up today :) looking for £350 open to offers!!
  2. I

    tire choice?

    What tires would i put on these wheels 17x7.5 +30 17x8.5 +40
  3. LuPix_S15

    Wheels choice question...

    Hi all :wave: I've already spoken to Kimi about possibly getting some Gram Lights. However, the 57s is looking out of my price range so wanted some help chosing my other alternative. Seriously considering these: They are Buddy Club P1 Racing II Plus (Hyper Gold). 6-spoke, machined outer...