1. kimi

    my new ride

    As a few of you know, i had to sell my beloved s15 due to illness :cry: my other ride a DC5 had to go to :annoyed: so i thought i'd introduce my new replacement ride........"say hello to Daisy Juke" its a 1.6 Turbo 190bhp, full leather interior heated seats, and enough gadgets to blow my...
  2. 2

    Spec S 0-60 times

    Hi Guys, has any body got the 0-60 times on a standard 2001 spec S silvia sr20de. as i can not find any figures anywhere!! would it be as fast off the line as a t-sport celica vvtli 190bhp, ie. 7secs 0-60. i know that its about 160bhp but i cant find any times for 0-60...