1. M

    FS: Side skirts and rear bumper

    From my drift car, as I'm getting a fibreglass bodykit. Good condition ?200 collected from near J9 M40:thumbs:
  2. P

    FS: s15 boot and spoliler. uk plymouth

    boot and spoiler in white, boot has not catch only key as taken for my carbon one. ?200 the spoiler boot offers or free with spolier
  3. J

    Bargain? :o\

    Just secured a bargain (I think?!) - Nearly new, pristine, HKS Silent Exhaust... ?200 delivered. Can't be bad! It's not the Hi-Power full S/S I would have liked but for ?200 it's still an HKS performance exhaust :nod: I am :D Should be with me on Thursday. Question is, will I have time to...