1. N

    Open Event: DWYB @ Santa Pod Sat 25th Feb

    Is anyone off here going to DWYB on the 25th? I've got a few bits to sort and am last minute again but hoping to be there, would be cool to meet people this time if they're there :D
  2. raytsang

    irish SXOC/IROC meet 25th Aug

    Lads going to be a intresting meet on the 25th August. SXOC irish forums will be having a meet with Irish Rotary Club. well need more S15's.... should the rotary guys what real cars are suppose to look like :wack: should be a good few s14, s13 , RX7, RX8 attending possible other cars...
  3. sushiming

    Its My Birthday !!!! 25th!!!

    hey guys thought i would let u know its my 25th today i feel old but not as old as some hey no need to mention any name .... :D
  4. Nicely

    Whiteline Anti-roll/sway bar group buy

    Can I draw your attention to a limited period Whiteline roll/sway bar GB being offered by Apex Performance until the 25th May. :) http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=215740