1. Miss S15

    Insurance on an S15?

    As this site has a load of members drom different countries,I'm just wondering how much ye pay for insurance for ye're 15? I got a quote the other day,26 female,second provisional,€567 for insurance on a 01 2ltr spec r.
  2. oilman

    Jap Show Finale Pre-Orders

    Hi all, The Jap Show Finale just around the corner, so once again your friends at Opie Oils are having a one off special offer for this amazing event. Order your Silkolene or Motul for collection then come down and pick it up from the Opie Oils stand at JAP SHOW FINALE (Santa Pod) on Sunday...
  3. oilman

    30% Off Silkolene Pro S/Pro R and Motul 300v @ Japshow!

    Hello all, Here's a very special offer for Japshow. Order your Silkolene or Motul for collection from our stand at Japshow (Santa Pod) on the 23rd or 24th June we will roll back the prices 2 years which equates to as much as 30% off of our normal retail prices! The prices will be...