1. H

    FS: 240/300zx D2 racing 8pot calliper & floating disks & D2 coilovers

    Hi guys I have a set of D2 8 pot callipers for a 300zx for sale. Believe they fit the s13 aswell with some modification to the heat shield? There in good working condition and have only covered a few thousand miles. All the seals are in good condition and there are no leaks. Come with ss clear...
  2. N

    I was given a new Airflow sensor for free today

    Today a friend of mine gave me a brand new airflow sensor for a Nissan, It says its for a 300zx. Would this make it a Z32? Its a brand new original JECS!:eek::eek::eek:
  3. koullis

    300zx brake servo.

    Hi guys, i have D2 8 piston front brakes (same as ksport) with 330mm discs and standard rears. Brake pedal almost go all the way down. I am thinking of installing a BMC from a 300zx. BM57, 1 1/16. Car was a spec-s so the BMC might be smaller than a spec-r. What are the advantages of fitting the...
  4. H

    WTB: S15 g/box wanted

    Hi guy's anyone got a 6 speed box for sale in uk/ireland. Can arrange pick up etc. Any sensible prices welcomed!! Also may consider 300ZX TT 5 speed if any one has one waiting for a good home!! Thanks:wave:
  5. P

    Hi, Considering a S15

    Hi I currently own a 300ZX SWB TT Thinking of getting a S15 but had a few question, more then likeley the answers lurk somwhere on the forum but thought id ask :) Whats the full spec for the car? Power/Torque 0-60 time etc? Also what are they like on Petrol? Reckon it should be better then my...