1. gaz15

    WTB: s15 3inch catback

    Have been looking for a Kakimoto but no luck! Anyone got one?? Open to others, pm me what you got :D
  2. L

    Dyno result 15hp missing

    Got my car dynoed today (tuned the boost controller)and it managed to get 228.1hp@5000rpm on wheel 14psi boost. Was wonder why my dyno result reading quite low in compare with my mate's 1994 s14(JDM). He managed to get 243hp@wheel around 6000rpm@14psi boot.BTW my car is nz new not sure if that...
  3. P

    Finally starting to mod

    Well the time has finally come, I have a very modest budget and so I'm modding on the cheap. I have a Veilside front bar (same as Alberts) which I have prepped myself and just need sprayed, I have a 600x300 FMIC which just needs a piping kit, a Whiteline strut tower brace which arrives on...