1. W

    Old owner new member

    Hi guys my names wyn live in aberystwyth in mid wales, had my spec r a few months now, owned a 450bhp r34 gtt and an 400bhp r33 gtst before the s15 but always fancied an s body.
  2. billy_t15

    new clutch

    Hi after a bit of advice, going for a new clutch as mine is slipping even on low boost I want something fairly user friendly as ill be using the car daily in traffic etc currently around stage 3a will be looking to go towards the 400bhp mark and I know its always good to over spec what do you...
  3. raytsang

    FS: My Vertex Ridge S15...400bhp... for sale... (Irish)

    Deposit taken.
  4. NICKO

    Gearbox for reliable 400bhp

    Well im after a gearbox that will cope with clutch kicks and 400bhp all day long without any problems but want to keep my s15 6 speed clutch as Ive spent a small fortune on my clutch and flywheel and dont really want to be replacing it any time soon so what options have I got? Now there are a...
  5. D

    FS: ORC single plate clutch kit

    ORC clutch from my S15 to suit the 6 speed Spec R gearbox. Not sure but I think it's a 409, was happily coping with around 400bhp before it was removed :) £300 plus postage :)
  6. K

    cam choices

    whats the crack guys, what are you all using, what powers are you getting...... im looking for upto 400bhp was going to go for hks 264 but after reading a few threads on here 256 maybe plenty?
  7. adz87kc

    2871r . . . bargain?

    Was having a look at this site: http://www.turbodynamics.co.uk/acatalog/TD_Clearance_Sale.html and you see the 9th turbo down -the GT2871R at £723- is that the one that the same as an HKS GT-RS? Seems rather cheap if its the one thats good for approx 400bhp :confused:
  8. Curryzz

    I want 400bhp!!!!!

    Just been out in my friends 419.bhp at the wheels rx7 and it was so much quicker than my s15,i would like to no how much internal work id need to get that kind of power?will the gear box hold up to this?Im going to pop down to PPI who looks after my car and c what he can do for me, im going to...
  9. sushiming

    400bhp S15 silvia