1. H

    gauge mount inspiration

    i have a few gauges that I'm going to need to mount, namely AVCR, SAFC and a wideband 52mm gauge, looking for inspiration for where to mount them, anyone got any pics?
  2. R

    FS: Blitz boost gauge

    Bought it but never used it. 52mm Mechanical and comes with boost pipe £55 posted 07817028470
  3. W

    Will my 52mm boost guage fit in the stock boost gauge holder?

    Would be interested in knowing if this is possible if I removed the standard boost gauge from a pillar. I already have an Autometer 52mm gauge from my S14a and would like to re-use this if possible instead of buying a new gauge. Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    need help fitting gauges into the dash..?

    anybody know how to fit boost gauges etc. into the 3 airvents on the dashboard..? what size should the gauges be, i can only seem to find 52mm gauges.. any help would be appreciated, thanks..
  5. DeanS15

    FS: stack boost gauge 52mm

    ive got a stack 52mm mechanical boost gauge for sale -1 to +2 bar, perfect condition all thats required to fit is a length of vacuum hose and a tee piece which weren't included with the kit (it did include a rigid plastic hose but thats absolutely useless to run through to the engine bay as its...