1. Y

    No 5th or Reverse. Please Help

    Hi i just joined today as i hope to get my s15 up and running as things havent being going to well since my purchase.. Ok my problem started when i went to change the gearbox oil..i removed what i thought was the fill bung for filling the oil..instead it was a long bolt about 90-100mm in...
  2. S

    Gear problem

    Hey guys, sometimes have a hard time putting the gear stick into 5th gear from 4th, but can find it most times, but if I try to go from 6th back down to 5th, I can never find it and end up having to always to go straight to 4th. when at a standstill, can go through all gears no problem, seems to...
  3. T

    Trouble selecting 5th gear at high revs

    Anyone had this problem before?
  4. S

    the damn governer

    ok so i got my 01 spec-r a few days ago finally, and everything is running great for now. i couldnt have asked for anything better, but one thing i noticed the first time i hit the autobahn was that i hit 180k in 4th and as soon as i hit 5th it was governed at around 200k. so what im asking is...
  5. irvs

    glanza V

    oh dear had the lend of a glanza V(1.3 turbo) for the weekend. running 1.5bar at 180bhp, im gonna be lousy and say im soo temped to buy one. the main reason so fast for such a small bean tin, bloody hell i had it go off the clock in 3rd gear and hell did 5th feel scary.hehe. but the ting that...