1. P

    cheap uras short shifter?? any good?

    https://www.rhdjapan.com/jdm/URAS-Short-Shifter-S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-R34-Solid-Shifter-23583 worth it? ?60 odd quid if your not logged in
  2. S

    FS: 6" Elemental Designs Sub

    Didnt want to do this but I need to raise some money to get a Cat 1 alarm fitted for insurance purposes so need to sell my small sub. Its a 6" elemental designs sub. It's inside a carpeted box that fits in the small compartment behind the rear seats in the boot. Its this sub...
  3. Yakozan

    FS: S15 fog lights. SOLD

    I'm selling the fog-lights i bought from nicely. Don't need them as I got foglights with my aero bumper. Don't remember what I bought them for from Nicely :wack: ?60 + freight from Sweden. any takers? see this thread for pics. http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?t=588
  4. sushiming

    3points ?60 fooking hell

    i was just droping a frd off to get a drink and i didnt notices that it was a no turn left and turned in and the police was there and they said sorry thats a offence and 3fooking points and ?60 fine i fooking hate the fooking cops so gay didnt even get a warning at all..... :rant: :rant...