1. Burnsy

    HID Lamps

    hi guys one of my HID's has blown, hope its the lamp anyway! just wondering peoples experience of different makes. for example 1 x osram/phillips is ~ £60. on the same website you can get a pair of 6000k for ~ £50 has anyone bought the cheaper ones and regretted it? i appreciate with brands...
  2. J

    these the right HIDS?

    hi, mine are getting old nowwww. these right for the normal beam 6000k h1? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-H1-H3-H4-H7-6000K-8000K-HID-Xenon-Conversion-Slim-Headlight-Bulbs-Kit-813A-/120894703066?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c25e2c5da and then what would i need for high beam...
  3. LuPix_S15

    Wanna see the difference in upgrading to HID kit for an S15??

    Took a pic whilst halfway through fitting 6000K HID kit I got from Knight-Racer... zee lights zee lights!!! :D James
  4. D

    FS: Car parts

    I have some parts that was ment for my Silvia. But now I have sold my Silvia. Xenon convertion 6000K H1 Price: £40 Xenon convertion 6000K HB3 9005 Price: £40 4 point harness Price: £20
  5. P

    hid kit

    Thinking of upgrading the stock halogen setup i have. is it a h1 6000k kit i need???:) thankyou
  6. sushiming

    FS: H1 HID kits 6000k

    Right guys got 3 sets of these H1 6000k HID for sale they are just end of batch my frd has these will come with 6months warranty For sale: H1 6000k HID kit Item Condition: NEW Price and price conditions: ?85 inc del or ?75 if you collect these will be made in china before anyone asks...