1. Feast Japan

    FS: S15 SR20 Engine Room Bits

    Guys, in the middle of shoving RB25 in an S15. Have many items from the original SR set up I dont need. Not looking to make profit, just rather see the good used items put to use. SR20 NA 60mm Throttle Body A/C Pump CPU Brake Master Cyl. Rad Shroud Etc Etc. PM or leave reply below. Adam
  2. S

    FS: few parts I have may be of interest

    Fmic kit with through the piping and hks ssqv on cold side unknown brand but came off a 500hp car £230 Koyo rad this is designed for a ps13 or red top sr as the expansion bottle take off goes the opposite way to a s14 I had it on my s14 with no issues I just changed the hose for a longer one to...
  3. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: 60mm mechanical boost guage

    Admin, remove please! Sorted, delete me!
  4. adzsy

    FS: 60mm HKS Boost Gauge

    I bought this of LGs14a (SXOC) a few days ago but doesn't fit some very specific requirements that I needed it for. Basically I tried fitting into a Spec R A-piller pod but it won't fit so its up for grabs. It is a 60mm HKS boost gauge with silver backing, I can confirm it works as I have tried...
  5. sliding-r

    FS: Depo Gauges Group Buy - 25% OFF RETAIL!!! - CLOSED on Tuesday 7th Dec

    Right then after a phone call with Dave the owner of Prolex UK who is the sole distributor of DEPO gauges into the UK he has agreed that I can set up a group to give us all the benefit of a 25% discount on all DEPO gauges that he supplies. These gauges were featured in Banzai a few months back...
  6. H

    FS: For sale: `99 S15 Spec-R

    I`m in the mood for something else, so here go`s: For sale: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R Colour: pearl white Milage: 77.000miles (engine is VERY clean, runs well) `99 model Exterior: BN-Sports bodykit FRP hood Sparce hoodpins Ganador Super Mirrors Work Emotion CR-Kai 18" Bronze wheels with Toyo...