1. Shawnhalu

    Geabox Conversion Help

    Hi all, I need help in gearbox conversion, Genuine Help i mean, I been reading for the conversion for quite sometime. but still stuck in a stage of choosing between Z32 (5spd), Z33 (6spd), S14 (5spd) I am driving a Nissan Silvia S15,daily street driving & randomly launching or drifting...
  2. M

    c's short shifter

    How much are these worth have one there in the box with instructions? Debating to sell or not ill see if it's worth selling.
  3. - 0h -

    Autech ECU

    Hey all... I'm wondering if Autech ECU is a good and cheap upgrade for an Spec S (na) model? Since my car was originally auto and then changed to a 6spd box now... If i put this ecu in, would it make any different?? cheers
  4. R

    WTB: s15 driveshaft 6spd

    im looking for a driveshaft from gearbox to diff. pm'd me with picture, please thanks
  5. - 0h -

    R34 GTR gearknob will fit in S15 6spd?

    as stat in the title.. would the GTR R34 gearknob fit into 6spd lever??? cheers
  6. - 0h -

    s15's manual gearboot surround and auto's ones

    hi there..Im just wondering that if the manual trim gearboot of 6spd ones would clip straight into auto ones? as I got s15 auto's and im doing manual conversion..so I'm thinking of getting the gearboot surround from 6spd..so just would like to make sure they fit straight in? cheers :D
  7. W

    WTB: WTB Spec R shifter part..

    im looking for the little trim ring that goes between the boot and the knob for the 6spd.. anyone have one of thesE?