1. koullis

    FS: SARD 850cc injectors for sale and Circuit Sports Rail

    I have a set of 850cc SARD injectors and a Circuit Sports Rai with 500miles on them. Reason for sale is that my new plenum works with top feed injectors. Injectors £270 posted Fuel rail £170 posted
  2. D

    Injector question

    good day everyone i know this is a little off topic but i will ask it anyways i am from trinidad and tobago i am doing a s15 project but with the engine in another car i am in the process of upgrading injectors and came across a deal with some 850cc and 1000cc injectors but it is stated that it...
  3. A

    larger Injectors and Power FC

    I have stock 370cc from s13 (the engine from s13 too)... So what need I change in Power FC to install 850cc injectors???